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Please note, this estimation is based on your self-reported credentials. Honor Scholarships are awarded to admitted first year students based on standardized test scores as well as an academic grade point average as calculated by the Elmira College Office of Admissions from your official transcript.* After you apply to Elmira College and are admitted you will be automatically considered for our Honor Scholarship Program.

*When your grade point average is recalculated by the Office of Admissions, it is not unusual for it to move up or down as much as two points, therefore bear in mind that your self-reported grade point average may be different than the one calculated by our office.

Reinstate-Retroactive Policy: All scholarships are renewable for three additional years with the appropriate grade point average. Should a student’s grade point average fall below the requirement, the student may apply for a need-based grant from the College and other assistance. If the grade point average is achieved at the end of future years, the scholarship will be reinstated and the student’s account will be credited with the difference between the scholarship and any need-based grant that may have been added.